Corporate Group Security Services

Quality Service & Client Satisfication.

Our endeavour is to provide our clients with a one stop solution for all security & facility management, requirement with cost effectiveness and in line with international standards. Contact US


Corporate Group Security Services focusing on utility maximization through optimum utilization of Resources.

The significant and valuable solutions provided by Corporate Group Security Services, enable the client Companies to reduce their operating expenses without compromising on quality. These Solutions are a unique combination of services in the areas of Administration, security, facility management & all support services.

Being professionally involved in facility management & security services, Corporate Group Security Services is well equipped to spontaneously and accurately react to emergency situations & Address the needs of the client company across any industry. Corporate Group Security Services Comprises a group of innovative and experienced professionals, striving to achieve perfection while delivering high quality facility management services. We work closely in tandem with our clients, to understand their needs, before executing our functional activities.


TO provide security & ancillary services that meets international standards in health, safety and security while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment by Designing and implementing a facility maintaining and management program that is Strict in quality and yet reasonable in cost.


Our scope is divided into security and facility maanagement, this provides effective and maximum support with specific Solutions.